Intensive from February 2024

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UX Metrics to Drive
Your Organization

Leaders of Awesomeness Intensive led by Jared Spool.

Imagen of Jared Spool who well be the host of UX Metrics to Drive Your Organization

Outcome-driven UX Metrics to take your organization to new places.

UX Metrics to Drive Your Organization intensive was amazing!

UX Leaders from all around the world showed up to take their organization to new places with UX metrics. Everyday we enjoyed awesome discussion on how to completely transform the way organizations measure user experiences.

We know that not everyone had the resources to join us live. That’s ok. You can purchase the Outcome-driven UX Outcomes Video Series.

Outcome-driven UX Outcomes Video Series

Make your UX work visible through Outcome-driven UX Outcomes. Our UX Metrics to Drive Your Organization Video Series will guide you every step of the way.

Jared Spool led a comprehensive exploration to develop organizational Outcome-driven UX Metrics. A process to drive organizations to deliver better-designed products and services through UX metrics.

No imaginary, over-simplified metrics for fake companies and products in this intensive. Instead, Jared led 5 sessions on how to identify the critical metrics for your products and services. 5 sessions to define organization-wide UX goals that capture the attention of your stakeholders and executives.

Each episode of our Outcome-Driven UX Metrics Video Series builds off the last to guide you in implementing your oen UX Metrics Strategy.

What’s included:

  • The lectures from all five Fundamentals sessions and their notes:
  • Align Your Teams to Great UX with UX Outcomes.
  • Reach Your Objectives with Your UX Success Metrics.
  • Eliminate the Costs of Poor UX with Problem-Value Metrics.
  • Achieve Key Results with Your UX Progress Metrics.
  • Raise UX’s Visibility with Outcome-driven UX Metrics

  • The Outcome-driven UX Metrics Facilitation Planning Workbook:
  • The Facilitation Planning Workbook guides you in conducting workshops with your team to establish your team’s Outcome-driven UX Metrics.

    We’ve divided this workbook into four parts. Each part contains a set of questions that you can pose to your team. These questions work through a process for developing UX outcomes and metrics in the Outcome-driven UX Metrics framework.

  • The latest concepts, materials, and thoughts on UX Metrics from February 2024.

  • Catch the lectures on your own schedule.

  • Access is for 90 days.

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Bonus: Prepare the Lead

Our Prepare to Lead Program sold out, and many of you let us know you wanted to enjoy those three program sessions. So for the first time, we’re allowing folks to also purchase the Prepare the Lead Recorded Video Series.

  • Gain confidence with tailored coaching to:
  • Create your UX Outcomes
  • Identify your team’s target metrics
  • Integrate your UX metrics into organizational goals

Purchase our UX Metrics Prepare to Lead Program Video Series for another level of insight and understanding.

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